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Let us help you create content that drives traffic, engages patients, and elevates your search engine rankings. Using insights from Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics, we tailor content to meet your specific needs and enhance your digital presence.

Beyond Just Content


With a keen understanding of SEO principles, algorithms, and data-driven insights from Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics, we create content that not only resonates with your patients but also performs exceptionally well in search engine results.

Healthcare Blog Writing

Keep your audience informed and engaged with regularly updated blog posts. I cover a wide range of topics, from medical news and patient care tips to in-depth articles on specific treatments and conditions.

Healthcare Business Plans and Pitch Decks

Need a comprehensive business plan or a compelling pitch deck to secure funding and attract investors? I create detailed and professional documents tailored specifically for healthcare businesses.

Website Content

Your website is often the first impression potential patients have of your practice. I create compelling, SEO-optimized content for your homepage, service pages, about us section, and more, ensuring a cohesive and professional online presence.

Social Media Content

Engage with your community and attract new followers through tailored social media posts. I create content that encourages interaction and shares valuable health information across your social platforms.

Our Approach to Content Optimization is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Patients

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment

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  • Discussion: We will start with an in-depth consultation to understand your healthcare business’s goals and current challenges with your website content.

  • Data Review: We will review any existing website analytics to understand the starting point.

Step 2: Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics Setup

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  • Integration: We will integrate Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics with your website to begin tracking user interactions.

  • Configuration: We will customize the setups to focus on key areas of your website, such as the homepage, blog page, service pages, and booking forms.

Step 3: Data Collection

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  • User Session Recording: We will begin collecting session recordings to see how visitors interact with your website in real-time.
  • Heatmaps: We will generate heatmaps to visualize where users click, scroll, and spend the most time on your pages.
  • Path Analysis: We will analyze user paths to understand the common navigation routes taken by visitors.

Step 4: Initial Analysis

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  • Behavior Insights: We will analyze the collected data to identify patterns and areas where users may encounter difficulties or drop off.

  • Content Performance: We will evaluate which content pieces are engaging visitors and which are being overlooked.

Step 5: Tailored Content Creation

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  • Content Creation: Using insights from the data, we will create tailored content that resonates with your patients. This may include blog posts, service descriptions, testimonials, and promotional materials.

  • Personalized Recommendations: We will develop personalized content recommendations based on user behavior, such as suggesting relevant services or treatments based on their browsing history.

Step 6: Implementation

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  • Content Updates: We will implement the new, tailored content on your website.

  • A/B Testing: We will use A/B testing to compare the performance of different content variations and identify the most effective versions.

Step 7: Continuous Monitoring

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  • Real-Time Tracking: We will continuously monitor user interactions using Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics to see how changes impact behavior.

  • Feedback Loop: We will collect ongoing feedback and data to refine and improve content strategies.

Step 8: Reporting and Strategic Insights

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  • Custom Reports: We will generate custom reports that provide detailed insights into user behavior, content engagement, and areas for further improvement.

  • Strategic Planning: We will use these insights to guide your overall content strategy and ensure your website continues to meet the needs of your clients.

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Increase in Website Traffic

Boosting website traffic is essential for any healthcare provider looking to expand their reach and attract more patients. With expertly crafted, SEO-optimized content, your website can become a go-to resource for health information.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Achieving higher search engine rankings is a cornerstone of effective digital marketing. Our SEO-driven content writing services are designed to enhance your online visibility and ensure your healthcare practice stands out.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Engaging with patients online is crucial for building trust and fostering long-term relationships. Our content is tailored to address the specific needs and concerns of your audience, providing them with valuable information and insights.

Turn Your Traffic into Loyal Patients and Repeat Visitors. Don’t Miss Out!

Success Story: Gym Geek

Gym Geek, a platform providing workout routines and exercise guides, aimed to improve content readership and on-page engagement. By using Microsoft Clarity, they gained real-time insights into user interactions.

  • Improved on-site time by 31% through session recordings and interactive content. They utilized Clarity to identify user issues and optimize their website effectively.
  • Increased Content Engagement: They achieved a 25% increase in content engagement by optimizing layout and content flow based on Clarity’s scroll maps and heatmaps.
  • Reduced Bounce Rate: Gym Geek reduced their bounce rate by 20% by identifying and resolving user pain points using Clarity’s insights.
  • Enhanced Engagement: By adding interactive tools like quizzes and calculators, they saw a significant boost in user interaction and satisfaction.

Discover more about their success stories here.

Client Testimonials

Great professional! Adekanmi and his team did a fantastic job. They were very responsive and helped move our business forward in a major manner. Their expertise, timely communication, and thorough approach made a significant impact on our project’s success

Danielle R. Doyle, MD. (USA)

Co Founder, Pain Free DMV

Great professional! DigitalMedHub demonstrated exceptional professionalism through their expertise, timely communication, and understanding of our needs. His thorough approach and attention to detail made a significant impact on our project’s success.

Justin Lampropoulos (Belgium)

Founder & CEO, Syndeo Medical

Adekanmi is extremely knowledgeable, punctual, understanding, and highly professional. He delivered a fantastic job all around. Highly recommended. Will hire again.

Amaechi Richard Ani (Nigeria)

Founder & Founder, IQ Express



Founder & CEO

Adekanmi is dedicated to empowering businesses by leveraging data-driven insights and cutting-edge technology to develop compelling SEO content and comprehensive strategies that ensure client success.



Head of Content Marketing

Chioma specializes in crafting persuasive content for healthcare industries, translating complex business concepts into clear, impactful narratives.

RUTH Oluwapelumi

RUTH Oluwapelumi

Upwork Client Relationship Manager

Through her expertise and dedication, Ruth ensures that our clients on Upwork receive top-notch business development solutions, including meticulously crafted pitch decks and business plans. 



Graphics & Branding Expert

Yinka enhances brand identity and visibility through strategic branding elements in pitch decks and business plans, ensuring they resonate with target audiences and effectively communicate the brand’s value proposition.

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As the CEO of DigitalMedHub, I am committed to excellence and continuous learning. My certifications reflect my dedication to staying at the forefront of the healthcare marketing industry. These credentials not only demonstrate my expertise in various facets of digital marketing, project management, and healthcare-specific strategies, but also underscore my commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.

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